1. Jaap schreef:

    Dus zo ziet de wereld er uit als Trump wint?

  2. de Dikke schreef:

    Mucopurulent conjunctivitis?

  3. Tim schreef:

    wauw mooie artistieke werkjes deze serie

  4. cpt schreef:

    Right-o. Had ik toch gelijk 🙂

    • Robbie schreef:

      21st century women are the most tempting shoes are , every women wants to have a beautiful , but they are so expinseve, where can buy ? come on ,you only pay very little money and you can buy , even though it is a but their quality and price is so good.

    • http://www./ schreef:

      Megan McArdle regular and provides a link to .The contrast between Hoyt’s evasions and the Andrews Scandal as seen via McArdle and iSteve is instructive. One more inadvertant example of how J-school groupthink contributes to the collapse of the Slim Times and similar institutions.