1. Jaap schreef:

    Jackie wie?
    Jackie Kennedy?
    Jackie Verhoeven?

  2. Oscar schreef:

    Jackie Kennedy. Zo te zien een impressie van de film over haar die net uit is.

  3. Anoniem schreef:

    Ze doet mij denken aan deze Mondriaan: https://www.gemeentemuseum.nl/nl/topstukken/evolutie

    • Malinda schreef:

      Hi! I have one question, now that I’ve read your bio: how long have you lived in Georgia? A LONG time ago, I used to write on live journal, and you’d commented that i should write more. so you know how it goes: i promptly got lazy and fell off the face of the earth! Anywho, i’m back writing again, so if you ever have a chance, or are bored, please stop by… i appreciated your fe.badckenikki.